The Ghost of Sadie Kimber

Stageplay by Lucy Hunter adapted from the book of that name written by Pat Moon (1997).

Story Synopsis

The family have just moved into a new house  which is haunted by Sadie, who only the six year old Sarah sees. Laura, aged 12, suspects something is wrong but no one will listen to her thinking she is only disgruntled at having to leave her best friend behind. An eccentric old lady seems to hover always in the background.

Things escalate with a poltergeist scene and various other supernatural happenings, until finally Laura persuades her 11 year old brother Nick to help her. Their next step leads them to this same old lady who actually holds the key to the haunting. Finally she agrees to work with them and together they manage to appease the increasingly dangerous ghost of Sadie Kimber and free Sarah from the possession. The cat is there reacting to the ghost too which is helpful as we do not ever see the ghost.


Family show, age suitability 9+.

Although there is a touching resolution, the play is scary in places as the ghost child gets an increasing hold over young Sarah.


The play is approximately 55 minutes long.