The Ghost of Sadie Kimber

Lucy Hunter’s stageplay is inspired by Pat Moon’s novel The Ghost of Sadie Kimber (1997). Having received Pat’s kind permission, Making Light Productions are really happy to be bringing this intriguing tale to a new audience using a different media.

Story Synopsis

12 year old Laura is unhappy, she didn’t want to be moved away from her best friend into some dusty old house in the sticks. But she soon has other things to think about when her wee sister starts talking to an “imaginary friend”. Things start to get out of hand and it takes enlisting the support of her annoying younger brother and winning the trust of a scary old lady to get to the bottom of what is going on. By working together they unravel the mystery and are finally able to free the ghost of Sadie Kimber.


Family show age suitability 8+

The story ends with a touching and reassuring resolution but it is a wee bit nail biting along the way!


The play is approximately 55 minutes long.